Aloha Beach

Aloha Beach was a 1966 attempt at creating a
little Hawaiian paradise right off of Federal at 62nd,
north up the street from The Scotchman.

Three small lakes were created on an old gravel pit
and beach sand was trucked in to create a place for
sun and fun. Two lakes were adjacent to the beach
for swimming and a third was set aside for boating.

In 1973, the lounge was converted into one of the
Denver area’s sleaziest strip clubs. This club closed
in the early 1980s.

(Aqua Golf was the sport of teeing balls off into the lake.)

Since then, Aloha Beach has been reinvented as a
gated beach community with private docks for boats!

(Scans borrowed from: Arkiva Tropika and Tiki Central.)

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