Denver nightlife 1959

The Matchless restaurant and lounge, under the hyperbolic arch in the pavilion which was originally part of I.M. Pei’s Mile High Center. You have to love that it included a trout pool and a fountain!

The arch and restaurant are gone now, swallowed up by Norwest Plaza.
Pei’s Mile High Tower
still peaks out of the plaza.

The Senate Lounge, across the street from the Capitol building, in the Argonaut Hotel. Is the cartoon a depiction of a typical 1959 state senator? The Argonaut still stands!

Senate Lounge act, Effie the Blond Tigress, backed by Denver Cool Jazz greats Bud Poindexter, Vince Limberg and Paul Warburton. I don’t know who the cat on vibes is in the upper pic!

It’s zero hour for the 1959 opening of Elitch’s Gardens. This is, of course, the original location of the amusement park. Elitch’s Theatre still stands at this old location.

Top of the Park room in the Park Lane Hotel, at the north end of Washington Park, “Denver’s Smartest Rendezvous”.

There are four apartment buildings in that spot now, and I don’t think they look like this, so I assume this building is gone.

Top of The Park engagement for cocktail-comedian/pianist Nino Nanni

The King Cole Showbar, a strip club located where Club Vinyl is today. There used to be some ghost-signage on the side of the building with the words King Cole and an arrow pointing down, but much of the original building collapsed under heavy snow, maybe 8 years ago. Bob and Sylvia released a fun Hee Haw styled comedy lp a few years later.

The Melody Lounge, “Denver’s Birdland”. These are all top-talent jazz
stars for 1959.

I am not sure, but I think this is where the Alpine Hotel is now.

Johnny Griffin at the Melody Lounge! “The Little Giant” was well-known in jazz circles for the breakneck speed at which he played!

Vaudeville revival at the Beacon Supper Club. Even the cashier sang!

“Denver has gone Lakeside“. This ad list the Sunday night stock car races and the indoor swimming pool.

Warren St. Thomas’ famous strip club, The Tropics! You got dinner, a comedian, a stripper and an indoor tropical storm! This is now the nightclub, Stone. Last time I checked, the hydraulics to raise and lower dancers from the floor and ceiling were still there!

Tura Satana is a well-known cult film star for her role in the 1966 Russ Meyer film Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill!

By the way, if you have additional information on The Tropics, or photos or other memorabilia, I would love to see it! Please email me! (

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Where is the “tropics” – I don’t recognize it from your drawing?

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