Jay Wieder Orchestra


This 1976 big band lp by the Jay Weider Orchestra gives us an opportunity to view
the historic Denver skyline. (You can click these photos to enlarge)


Here you can see some of the contributions of architects I.M. Pei, James Sudler (who co-designed the Denver Art Museum with Gio Ponti), Charles Strong (designer of Denver’s Art Deco Poet’s Row), Raymond Harry Ervin (note the original “W” on the Western Federal building) and Minoru Yamasaki (designer of NY’s World Trade Center twin towers).

Across the street from the Denver Public Library, you can see the construction site for the Colorado Judicial Building and the Colorado History Building, both currently being torn down.


Jay Wieder was a famous local orchestra leader who often played at the Trocadero Ballroom (Elitch Gardens) and the El Patio Ballroom (Lakeside Amusement Park). Wieder and his orchestra portrayed the Glenn Miller Orchestra in the 1953 film The Glenn Miller Story.

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