The Saint’s Tropics


1950’s era pictures of The Tropics nightclub on Morrison Road.


Great description from a comment on a related site:

“The sign said The Saint’s Tropics… inside there were hourly thunder storm sounds. Front doors were hand-carved wood to look like tiki faces.

The upper eating areas were around the outside of the main dance floor… take 2 small steps up to the eating area that had hollow banisters in front… and hidden water tub supplied water… and it would fall into the hallow banisters with lights flashing at the ends, so you could see the water coming down and the thunder sounds.

A very large tree branch was on the ceiling with moss on it and little twinkling white lights hidden here and there. The dancer’s floor was hydraulic and could be lifted up for shows. A big bird cage came down out of the ceiling above the dance floor for special shows and persons.

There were tiki masks on the back walls that had black lights on them. There was a small lighted alligator pit in one back corner of the club. (-ed!)

The chairs had animal skin prints on them. And the girls that worked there had animal-skin print-bikini suits with one shoulder strap.

Many, many headliners in music, comedy and dancers…etc.

It was a Very Cool Place and a bit ahead of it’s time inside and out…!”
Comment by Wasthere — May 31, 2009 @ 5:32 pm


Photos from an article in the Rocky Mountain Tiki Newsletter by Michelle Baldwin.
(Thanks to Zulu for the ok!)


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erick April 23rd, 2011 at 5:05 pm

unbelievable! – where did you come up with all this great stuff ??

joyce fahey May 20th, 2012 at 2:20 pm

ah memories. I was a waitress there in the late 50s. the picture above showed the awful outfits we wore for a while. thw tall lady in the foreground is ann hart, who was head waitress. the girl next to her was i think,rosalee. each waitress had side jobs to do during the night. the thunder you heatd with the hourly storm was a large sheet of tin hanging behind the stage.your job was to shake it while the water rained down. another job was to reach out from behind the stage curtain and grab the clothes the dancer peeled off and dropped. by theway, the beautiful Tempest Storm NEVER dropped her clothes on the floor. she always had a prop of some kind to gently lay her garments on. the birdcage that came down was built for warrens wife, donna who sang “im only a bird in a guilded cage” to open hershow. she did not take off her clothes. need i mention the monkey cage inthe front lobby?a disgusting pair of nasty monkeys who loved to shock people looking at them by waiting for someone to say honey, come look” and then the mail would mount the female.the tropica had a great house band too, cannot remember any names except jojo williams who was i think our favorite.lil ran the kitchen and put out some great steaks.there was nothing sleezy about the place. we all made lots of money and had a lot of fun.we got new uniforms every year or so, i remember our whit leotard with a fringe skirt that used to catch on the chair rungs as we tried to get by. also liked the white because the club had black light, so we all glowed.

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