The Scotchman


This delightfully busy Googie sign once stood on Federal Blvd in front of the Scotchman
Motor Restaurant
, the burger joint of choice for hot-rod cruisers from 1949 through 1977.

Famous among old-school Denver car culture for their Mr. Horrible Burgers, Scotty Cheeseburgers and Kilted Tacos, washed down with drinks like the Choking Coke,
the Hot Cookie or the Sloppy Malt!

Here is a great historical news clip borrowed from YouTube:


I had found a low quality photo of the sign and someone suggested I post it to
The Eye. I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to exercise my illustration
skills and post a much clearer drawing instead.


This drawings are 100% illustrated, nothing clipped out of photos. They are posed
3D illustrations using Google Sketchup, with the lettering and cute Scotch girl
illustrated in the 2D application, CorelDraw. Click the drawings to enlarge.

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