Orville Hagans’ clocks

Clock Manor on Colfax

Orville Hagans was an horologist who started the American Academy, School of Horology here in Denver. He was also a writer, he edited the magazine American Horologist and Jewler (which is now called Horological Times).

In the 1950s he ran Clock Manor at 1901 East Colfax. Here is a description, no doubt written by Hagans himself:

Clock Manor houses one of the finest collections of clocks and watches, open to the public, in all of the world. Here is found a presentation of the Story of Time and the artistry of the clockmaker throughout the ages. This private collection has been assembled from the four corners of the world and is a fine exhibit of rare timepieces.

Later in the 1960’s Orville Hagans moved to Bergen Park in Evergreen and took Clock Manor with him.

Clock Manor Museum in Evergreen

Hagans’ description of the museum:

The World’s Most Unique Foundation of Time in all its phases. The huge 22 ft. Floral Clock adorns the center of our spacious sloping lawn and is controlled by a Master Clock inside the Museum building.

I would make a bet that the similar Elitchsfloral clock was designed by Hagans, as well.

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Kevin Preston July 5th, 2013 at 9:25 am

Congrats on finding out a tidbit more of information on this! I have not been able to find much on the internet about the Bergen Park location. While the Colfax locations seems to have bee demolished (there is a location on the other side of the street that ALMOST could be the place with an addition on the end, but I think its just a similar looking building, now a bed and breakfast) but I had hoped that the Bergen Park location still stands and would love to google map it if I could find it!

Any known address?

Kevin Preston July 5th, 2013 at 9:26 am

Also note that the big clock stuck to the outside of the Colfax location appears to be the same one finding a home on the roof of the BP location!

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